Thursday, 22 May 2014


 This is Celia's Button piece. Isn't it beautiful? It is using up buttons from her button box and then embroidering around them and then framing it in an embroidery hoop.
 This is Louise's dawn harbour piece with shiny materials and a piece of voile sewn over it to sandwich it in. You have to have use imagination to see the harbour.
 Valerie has been making a quilt as a gift and the recipient loves horses.

 Dorothy about to get messy. She was making a marrow as a prop for a church play.
 Ella has been making baby booties.
Joan has a quilt in some really bonny strong colours.

Colours and Fleece

Ella is on the floor piecing together a quilt with help from Dorothy, Ann and Catherine. Its a skill to get the colours balanced in the pattern and we often ask each other for advice.
Catherine had some squares that she had sewn together from scraps she had. It is very effective and a great idea for using up the wee bits of materials we gather from quilting
 Ella made this bag and was instantly asked to hold a workshop on it.

 Catherine is wet felting a piece of sheep fleece. She is agitating layers of fleece with soap and hot water until the piece binds together and does not pull apart when teased.
This might look a mess but its perfectly organised chaos.  Shirley's pictish piece is in the foreground. Joan is continuing on a Japanese design panel and Ann is sewing a landscape piece.

Ice Ice Lady

We got down and messy recently doing some dyeing using Ice.  We had ordered some pre treated material which meant we didn't have to soak it in soda ash or add any salt after. Although there was a fair bit of debate about this and we learned that we should do some preparation by taking the instructions with us.

We had to wet it first then put a layer in a long deep container (such as a bucket or a vase) and then add some ice and then some dye, then layer it up, material, ice, dye etc until we ran out of material. It has a lovely delicate effect when dried.

Catherine was trying scrunching the material up before adding the dye.

Valerie was painting directly onto her material and using stencils of stars to get a night sky effect.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Busy at work

 The group being busy.
 Shirley's Lutrador piece.
Shirley's woven piece with wee sheep on.

Monday, 10 February 2014

I'm crocheting a twig.

Catherine was asked what she was doing and she replied 'I'm crocheting a Twig'. It seemed a natural thing to say in Textile Artists but it made us all laugh and Louise thought it would be a good title for this weeks blog entry.  This is her Autumnal piece. She made the leaves from material - before you ask if they are real.

Louise was getting messy again painting her pieces of lutrador. One is a stormy sea and the other is from the picture she took that morning of Harrow Harbour in the sunshine. She then soldered out pieces of shiny materials which she had in her stash and is building up a scene.

Dorothy had finished her 'Field of Silver' inspired by the Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn book and DVDs.  She said the hardest part was machine sewing together the sides as there were 3 layers on each side. Its beautiful.

Joan was getting out her paints after she had looked at her Homecoming Quilt panel. Caithness Quilters had been asked to participate in a Quilt that will be displayed in Inverness museum of art when its finished.

Ann has started a new panel and this is the first picture.
She has a finished piece of glasswork along to show the group which is beautiful.

Shirley has been busy again. She had her 3 sample couchwork piece.
And then the finished piece framed.
And in the background you can just see this. Her sampler of Neolithic symbols she is interested and knowledgeable.
And then she - I know, she mustn't sleep much - she had a piece of lutrador with embroidery and painting of a Caithness skyline.
And onto Celia who has finished this piece of embroidery which is exquisite.
She was busy French knotting a piece of tweed to depict the moss of the Flow Country.

The group has been busy.

Using it up

This years theme is Using it up. Catherine has been quite stringent to this and has been putting together a baby quilt with scraps she had.
Isn't it pretty?

Dorothy had the screen print out and put down some seed heads onto the lutrador piece she painted the previous week. This is to be a book cover.
Its very delicate and muted.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A New Year, a New Project.

The group decided to use up some of the materials we had in our cupboard. They were divided out and then the group decided to have the theme of 'Inspired by Caithness'.
Sorting out the materials.
Joan painting her bondaweb.
Celia's 'hoosey', Dorothy's field of silver and Ella's wee bag
Shirley's couching sampler.
Ella and Ann wind wee skeins of silk. They were doing this for most of the morning!

Louise's embroidery of Morven and the Flow Country.